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    Thread: Prospective arable belt

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      Prospective arable belt


      I can only think it's a good thing given that Adelaide already stretches from Aldinga to Gawler - a distance of almost 100km (and is heading both further north and south) and it's creeping it's way up and over the hills (Mt Barker for instance). A defined belt around the city - just like the parks around the CBD - can only enhance the value of a place and stop it becoming even more of a sprawl.
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      Agreed. We were talking about this last night. I can't believe the property industry is complaining about it. There is plenty of room within the boarders with increased housing density that we really shouldn't be continually expanding outwards. Food security is important and should be protected.
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      Quote Originally Posted by NicF View Post
      Food security is important and should be protected.
      A report in the Australian Environment Review (Sept. 2014, Buxton and Carey):

      "Cities that protect the natural resources of their hinterlands will increase their adaptability and be more likely to thrive over the next century. Retaining the potential for agricultural production near cities will be a key element in their success in the face of increasing pressures on global food production. This potential can only be safeguarded through an emphasis on retaining land for agriculture, rather than viewing land on the urban fringe as a commodity to be consumed by urban development. The application of uncompromising regulatory measures over the long term is the only way to prevent the incremental loss and eventual destruction of hinterland"

      When I heard the plans for an arable belt, my first thought was that it might help our rapidly-diminishing wildlife but after reading around, IMHO, it seems an unusually well-considered proposal.

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