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    Thread: Our Recci

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      The Pottertons
      Wow, you were really busy- sounds like you went with your heads screwed on and made the most of every moment. Thanks for taking the time. Reading everyones experiences is fab and really important for us still waiting. Thanks a lot, yvonne xx

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      It's always great to read peoples experiences, whether it be from those lucky people already out there or people such as yourself back from a reccie. What I like about reccie threads is each one tells you a little something different from the other - things people did, where to find stuff, areas etc. Just what we back here need. It helps you feel better when you are having one of those "oh my god, so much to do and am I doing the right thing" days.

      Thanks to all who have done reccie threads, keep them coming.

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      Quote Originally Posted by grants View Post
      :pI donít post very often but thought I would share our recent experiences of our visit to Adelaide.

      We arrived on 17th May via Singapore and can fully recommend Singapore airlines.

      We live in rural Devon and our first impressions of Adelaide during our drive from the airport to Woodcroft was that it was very built up and the roads were quite vast. We stayed at Tykes rental in Woodcroft which was very comfortable and is situate approx 30 mins from Adelaide. We can thoroughly recommend this.

      We have friends who emigrated 15 years ago and live in Kensington they met us at the airport and followed us to Woodcroft. They had newspapers showing what houses were open that day and within 3 hours of landing in Adelaide we were viewing houses in Blackwood and Flagstaff Hill. The houses were lovely 2 with pools and one without. We have 2 children Oliver 14 and Gabby 10 and we arranged a tour of BlackwoodHigh School. We were very impressed with the school and there facilities so have decided we will live in the catchment area for Blackwood High.

      Our first week was full on as I am a Midwife and I had arranged tours of 3 hospitals, Flinders medical Centre, Burnside memorial hospital and The Womenís and Childrenís in Adelaide. All 3 have jobs available but I have decided I want to work at Flinders.

      My OH is a Loss adjuster in the UK and he had 2 interviews and was offered both jobs. We visited Glenelg, Brighton and HenleyBeach which were lovely areas but pricey for housing especially ones close to the beach. We did not venture north of Adelaide as we have already decided we wanted to live in the South.

      We also activated our bank accounts had a visit from mortgage brokers so by the end of the first week we were pretty exhausted. We did manage a couple of trips into the city one to Gouger Street market which is fantastic for buying fresh fruit veg meats sea food etc all at very reasonable prices. The roads in the city again are vast with 4-5 lanes but the traffic flows very well and we did get caught up in rush hour but we still moved and it is not like rush hour in any UK city were you end up stationary using up fuel. Fuel prices had gone up. When we arrived we were paying $1.47 which escalated to $1.64 during our visit. This is still cheaper than the UK but I donít think we will be purchasing big engine cars when we arrive.

      In our second week we stayed at a small place called Goolwa which is close to VictorHarbour. Goolwa has the most fantastic surfing beaches and we fell in love with it. It is approx 1 hours drive from Adelaide so too far to commute but ideal for buying a holiday home if we ever come into money. VictorHarbour is also worth a visit and we had a lovely meal on GraniteIsland on our last night and watched the penguins come in after their busy day out fishing and swimming.

      We also visited the wineries in the Hills in and around Hanndorf which are lovely places but you need to go without the car and we were driving so did not do much wine tasting.

      All in all we had a great experience and we are now back in the UK and looking forward to emigrating in September. We sold our house in January but did a house swap and bought a smaller property. This enabled us to release the capital to then be in a position to buy in Adelaide but we need to rent the UK house to tenants before we go.

      On the plus side it does look like the housing market in Adelaide is slowing down so hopefully we can secure a bargain when we return:):)
      Dear Grants

      I was really interested in your post as I'm also a UK midwife wanting to work at Flinders but also considering the other 2 hospitals. What did you like so much about Flinders? Were there many UK midwives like us? We are just about to submit our 175 visa application so think it will be about six months before we're ready to go? Hoping to live in South Adelaide, maybe Flagstaff Hill or Hallett Cove. I've got girls of 12 and 10. I'm considering going on a rekkie, do you think it's essential? Where abouts do you live now?

      Shelley Richardson

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      Hi Shelley,

      We are in Devon at the moment. We were going to just emigrate and not go on the recci as it cost us about £4500 but I am really glad I did it.

      I really liked both Flinders and the WCH but I suppose I have decided I would like to work at Flinders as it will be closer to where we want to live. There are some fantastic houses around, Blackwood, Craigburn Farm, Flagstaff Hill area and as I said in the post I got a really good impression of Blackwood High. We have Friends who emigrated last September who are living in Flagstaff Hill and they have a son of 14 the same age as our son Oliver and oliver was keen to attend the same school.

      The staff at both hospitals were very friendly and there were some UK midwives who all seemed to be quite happy in their jobs. I found the atmosphere in both hospitals to be very up beat compared to moral with midwifery in the UK. I do not want to work at the private hospital as I do not want to be an Obstetric nurse. Both Flinders and WCH have team Midwifery with Birth centres and this is where I want to work although i think i will work within the hospital for first few months to find my feet.

      I currently work in team midwifery both in Community and in the hospital. Where do you work?

      Feel free to send me a PM and I can give you any more information you need. One good thing I know I can earn more as a Midwife in Adelaide than i earn at the moment.

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      lovely to hear from you guys
      You are so positive and organised I didn't doubt you'd do well here:)
      Good luck on sorting things out in the UK :)

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      Hi , its so nice to read others recci experiences, unfortunately we cant afford one so its really informative. we hope to be there in the next 12 months..or longer it seems..just starting to research suburbs, schools, jobs etc....have so much to do an main worry is selling our 4 bedroom house.market is terrible....any way good luck and hope all goes well...x....sarah


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