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      same feeling


      well said, all the things you speak about Graham is so true. I would hate to think what its like here for the children of the age of our two 9 & 7.
      Same with us we know its not going to be easy in Adelaide but when you are used to having to work hard we are goiing to give it our best shot.
      It just makes my blood boil when the differences between the UK and Australia and the correct way Australia goes about the immigration system. You do not get there to free load of the back of someone else yet here you climb out from under a lorry and they give you a new pair of Nike trainers, a mobile phone and a house to name but a few!

      We are at an early stage in getting the TRA put together yet we cant wait to get out of here and in Adelaide where hard work benefits us and not the free loaders!

      Have just booked the flights for August to come over for 10 days to have a good look round and take it all in before the hopfully soon move

      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      Hi all,...quite agree and we're from Turriff... by the way thats wayyyyy up north where old Tony and his posse experiment all their new laws and taxes before they expose the rest of the country! As for immigrants well....i worked out there in a huge painting firm and had two blokes working with me, a croation and a slovakian, never seen so much hatred in my life... six months later we're all in the pub in the middle of nowhere 40% singing waltzing matilda .....its a country that has amazing effects on people. As for here just have faith and all vote S.N.P. to run your country for ya!

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      I have to say we aggre with everything said so far.
      It seems to us if you are rich tony wants to keep you and the extra taxes dont effect you.
      If you are very poor dont worry because the goverment will support you.

      If however you are somewhere in between and want to work hard to better yourself forget it :!: Carry on working every hour god sends and Tony will take what ever else you earn but be carefull because it will be through the back door.

      Aliand co


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