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      Doesn't it feel good. Enjoy the feeling. Bet you have a smile on your face for a week. ;)

      Quote Originally Posted by Sharon and Paul View Post
      Can anyone let me know if at this point they started to feel ;Oh S**T are we doing the right thing?
      No normally the feeling is 'Oh $**T we still have to sell the house'

      Don't worry its a feeling that goes through us all. Wait until you see the sticker in the visa and when you read it you suddenly think 'We are actually going to do this'.


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      I think it is normal to feel like that as you have put all your energy into getting your visa and when it comes you are like, omg we did it!! I thought this and then thought about the ton of stuff we have to sort before we go. There are two big worries that I have, one is obviously are we doing the right thing, especially with 4 children, I know though that we are doing the right thing, positive attidue!! The second worry that I have is that I already have a job to go to and am sooooo worried about starting as there are going to be soooo many things that are different to here, I am a nurse.

      Anyway, congrats on the visa and good luck for the future.

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      Every step of the way was "OH MY GOD" but we and you are doing the right thing"BETTER TO HAVE TRIED AND FAILED THAN NOT TRY AT ALL"
      Good Luck.
      Jason/Paula/Bethan/Chloe Mae.

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      Hi Sharon,
      Great news for you, wish you a safe journey.
      We have lived in Australia for 2 years, come back to UK for 3 years (homesick) now were going back! Last time and this time thinking ...."s**t am I doing right thing" so if your other half doesnt think your normal I'm definately not all there, ha ha !
      We go in 7 weeks time, see you over there, all the best.
      Jacqui, Neil & Tiffany

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      The Pottertons
      CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Hope evrything goes well for you guys. I can only imagine the panic!!! But how exciting though! Yvonne xx

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      WAHOOOO!!!! Nice one. Good to know someone is getting there!

      Have a fantastic time,

      Jo and Family xxx
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      Great news
      Hope we will not be too far behind you

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      We just got our visas last week too and it suddenly became very real! We're also trying to sell the house, but we're looking into renting it so that we can get moving.....I don't know about you, but now we've got the visas we just want to get going! Hopefully will be there in time for summer, see you out there!

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      hi there,

      congatulations!! its soo good to know im not the only one, we also got our visa on thursday since then ive been feeling numb,everyone keeps asking if im happy and i honestly dont know what to say, mark just wants to get over there asap as this has always been his dream. im definately going with eyes wide open and expecting a few hard times but determined to make the most of what australia has to offer for my little boys sake.

      let us know how you get on, next few weeks are gonna be hectic for us all.

      take care
      macky, mark and aaron

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      Sharon and Paul
      Thanks for al lyour replies guys (and gals) I 'm looking forward to meeting you all or at leat some of you hopefully.
      Best wishes to you all


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