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      who needs an agent

      just got the trade asessment back today,what a relief it was sucessfull,i think if your doing all the leg work why pay an agent to do the easy bit if you study the checklists available and go over it three or four times ,also use the au embassy in london to answer any questions why not take the risk we have also filled in the main app and it is nothing compared to the tra one , saving the money for the main app and sending it off after christmas then the waiting game starts again, good luck to everybody at whatever stage your at your all very brave to take the plunge all the best speak in 6 months hopefully

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      Hi Rich & Sal

      Great news on the TRA!! Congratulations :lol:

      Lucky things not needing an agent too - our TRA was a complete nightmare with 3 employers shut down, no qualificatiosn purely experience we had to prove and training plus self employment so opted for an agent to save ourselves a lot of stress!!

      Mind you just not having to fill any forms in has been worth every penny :lol:

      Lisa :D



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