Hi Wayne and Louise,

Just noticed you're in Manchester, can I ask which area? You had any luck yet?

We're in Rhodes, nr Middleton, we're already worrying about selling the house, although we have a couple of people who've expressed an interest should we decide to either sell or rent out.

I'm not sure if we'd have a problem or not, our's is only a terrace, I think people with houses at the higher end are struggling more?

Rachael & Wayne.

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te=Django;43833]For my penny's worth...

Get what you can get for it now. I was watching a programme last night and it is only going to get worse. The house market is going to totally collapse. New builds have already started to be cancelled. On other sites building will only be commenced when the money is paid in advance.
Investors can now only get a 60% mortgage so that knackers the buy to let market. Which those that have tried the 'we will buy your house' adverts have found out.
A point was made on this thread re the people buying your house will have a lump of equity to put down on your house so they don't need anywhere near a 100% mortgage. This is very true. Unfortunately to attain this equity someone needs to buy their house and so on down the chain. When it comes to the first time buyer where does their 30-40% lump sum from????

If you would like to be in Adelaide before 2112 get your house sold for whatever you can get (so long as its more and not less than you owe on it). In 6 months time you may well find you will be getting worse offers. Also you will find your belts tightening even more as engery prices are going up by 40% come January and don't get me started on how much you will be paying for petrol/diesel by then.

Good luck to everyone like us stuck in this mire. Its not funny and its only going to get worse.

We are in the same nightmare !!!
Its time to take the best offer and run, OH [ estate agent] says things are very bleek , even though trying stay positive. wayne n louise[/quote]