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Hi Liz and Kris,

New to PIA ( yesterday ).
Hoping to be in or around Glenelg Christmas or before ( fingers cossed ).
Like you probably be renting if our house doesn't sell here.
School is important for us but there are some good ones around by the looks of things.
How did the rental situation work for you?
Did you commit before you went over, or stay somewhere while you looked around.?
How easy is it to rent without credit references, or will the fact that my OH (David ) has a job be of any help.
OH has suddenly taken an interest in the site when lads night out is mentioned by the way!
Sue David and Sam
Hi Sam

We were in the residential wing at the royal adelaide hospital to begin with as they provided free accomadation with my job. We brought loads of morgage statements and proof of payment of bills etc over with us but the rental agent never asked to see them. If your husband has a job you will find a rental no worries.