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      Bex & Nick

      Job Satisfaction

      After exactly two months since applying for a job, including a phone interview and video conference, references being taken up etc I've finally been offered it! :D

      Feeling relieved that at least I've got something lined up as that'll give OH the breathing space to find something. I actually feel more nervous/sick about this aspect of things than the visa - is that normal!? I guess its hitting home now that this is it, the start of a new life.

      So, if anyone ever needs a trade mark attorney I'm your gal - I start early July!


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      The Bowmans
      Hi Bex

      Copngratulations! Really pleased for you, it's daunting but that's only the enormity of itt all. Just focus on the great life you'll have when you get to Adelaide.

      I am surrounded by Trade Mark attorneys all day as I an Office Manager for a Patent & Trade Mark firm. If your new firm needs an Office Manager - let me know and I'll send a CV!

      Good luck.


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      Bex & Nick
      Hey Deena!

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. I'll keep you posted on the job front then - they mentioned that they were expanding the Adelaide office so you never know!

      Who do you work for, perhaps I know some of yoru firm?



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