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      5 days and look what we have done!!!!

      Grab a coffee - you may need it while reading this lot :lol: :lol:

      We arrived in Adelaide after flying through thick cloud to grey skies and rain….not quite the welcome we had expected but it was needed so much and the plus side was things looked greener for us.

      Our first experience of Australia was a Taxi driver that spoke very little English and did not know where he was going so we had a very interesting journey down to Woodcroft Park with him looking at the UBD perched on his lap for most of the journey – mind you his brakes were great, especially at emergency stops! Our first 15 minutes here were “oh my god what have we done and when is the first plane back” but it wore off very quickly.

      The meet and greeters were friendly and sat us down with instructions for sorting Tax File number etc as offices were closed as it was a Saturday. They launched into a list of recommended web sites to use which was highly amusing as Adelaide Bound was the first one they mentioned :shock: :lol:

      A quick stop at the supermarkets that afternoon left us very bemused at all the differences including how many types of milk there are! We saw lots of familiar brands but the fun bit was picking out the new stuff to try.

      We have met some lovely friends this week. The most special welcome came from the Tyke family where we were welcomed into their home for a lovely meal and great company on the Sunday. What could have been a very damp start turned into a good weekend.

      On Monday we hit the ground running by sorting our bank account, starting to look at rentals and picking up our car so we were mobile. We set off looking around areas to see what we would and would not like and looked at a range of rentals to see the differences in what was available.

      We have only seen a tiny portion of Adelaide but notice there is a huge difference. There is definitely something for everyone and please realize that this is only our personal view and others will be completely different. We did not really like much about the central suburbs from the CBD down to Flagstaff (roughly, remember only been here a week!). We had left a city and this definitely felt more like a city in this area to us, smaller houses and more crammed together. We looked around Seacliff and Kingston Park which felt too built up for us although lovely sea views from some areas here, Hallett Cove which had some lovely areas and some fantastic views and some steep hills! Flagstaff Hill was an area that appealed to us, very established and leafy with a sense of space, as with Woodcroft and Onkapringa Hills and the surrounds. We also liked Seaford and Port Noarlonga coasts where you can see the potential once the area is more established and the coastline is breathtaking!

      Beaches here are lovely even with the grey skies we have seen for much of the week so can’t wait for some sunny weather to see the infamous big skies.

      Paperwork side of things was pretty easy – we opened an account with Westpac in the UK so just went in with a passports to sort out activating it for use when we arrived, Tax file number sorted online, car registration and insurance sorted easy enough and medicare we will do next week. We joined the local library for internet access but also had wi-fi at Woodcroft Park and being able to go online made life so much easier for rentals etc.

      Rentals vary a lot – we have been to 3 opens and 4 private viewings on houses this week. We were very surprised as we were expecting to be crammed through the doors with hoards of people at the house viewings but the most we saw were 3 other families. The first 6 houses we saw we did not apply for as it was mainly judging what was about and getting a feel for the rentals around – plus although some were nice they were not right for us. We were amazed at some of the rentals, the condition in general and the price they were charging for some of them! Although it was quite amusing trying to watch a rental agent try to persuade us that $400 a week was a bargain for a dark wooden box of a house where you had to walk through a wardrobe in one bedroom to get to another :( :?

      On the Thursday we went to view a property in Port Noarlunga South which we immediately fell in love with. It ticked every single box we had and more. We were the only people viewing as the other family due had not arrived so we got the application in straight away. It was daunting as when you first view the form and ID list it makes you wonder how any of us will ever get a rental but the agency appreciate you have only just arrived and only took our passport as ID and accepted previous employment details along with a bank statement to show we could pay the rent. We sent the application in by fax at about 10am and got a call at 4.30pm to say the house was ours and pick up the keys today to move in over the next few days once we have sorted electric etc. It will be great to have a proper home again and to have the ocean outside our windows 8)

      Greg has got used to driving our huge 4x4 automatic and loves driving round Adelaide. After only ever driving a manual he has now been converted to automatics – especially with some of the junctions you have to shoot across! Thanks to most of the roads being laid out in boxes it is hard to get lost but must admit the TomTom has been worth its weight in gold this week traveling to rentals and meeting up with friends. It is very strange getting used to getting petrol on the right days as the price goes up and down depending on the day of the week.

      The people are as friendly here as everyone says which takes a bit of getting used to – that and someone packing your bags at the supermarkets. The whole air of Adelaide is much more laid back than we have ever known and the friendliness of people willing to help you out is just amazing. We visited a takeaway to pick up dinner on Tuesday and when Greg was walking through the centre the next day the guy shouted hi to him and asked how we were getting on – something that would never happen in our old lives.

      We feel we have been here so much longer than a week and are really looking forward to getting on with our lives here…….and a big shopping trip this weekend to get bits for the house until our container arrives :D

      Now we have the rental sorted hopefully now we can take more of a look around and see some of the attractions and what Adelaide has to offer.

      Enjoying life here in Adelaide
      Lisa, Greg & Dawn :lol:

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      :D :D

      Top post Lisa.

      Glad you are happy so far.

      Still cannot believe how quickly you have found a rental :D

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      Phew Im worn out just reading what you guys have managed in your first five days.

      Hope all continues to go smoothly.

      Ive posted on the other side - but again, good luck with things and keep us posted. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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      Hi Lisa, Greg and Dawn,
      Lovely to hear how your first few days are going and impressions of Adelaide - just what we need to hear on this side!
      Enjoy your new lifes and keep all us PIA posted on your updates
      Janet & Co

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      Hi Lisa

      Another great post - thank you - really enjoyed really all your comments - feel that I can trust your judgement.

      You sound like you're all sorted and up and running - I wouldnt expect anything less of you!!

      Cant wait to get there - 3 months and counting!!

      speak soon

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Thanks again for that Lisa. Looking forward to chapter two. :D :D :D :D

      Love the bit with the taxi driver. :lol: :lol: :lol: Are you sure you are in Adelaide and not Manhattan Island? :P :lol: :lol:

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      Great post

      Thanks Lisa, was looking forward to that and it did not disappoint hope all goes as well in the next few weeks, good luck and thanks :D :D

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Lisa, Greg and Dawn

      Thanks for the extended update - we are really impressed and heartened by how much you guys have achieved in less than a week.

      I am so glad that your initial experiences (apart from the taxi driver) have been so positive and your overview into the suburbs is really useful.

      Enjoy the weekend and happy shopping.


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      Hi Lisa,

      Glad to hear all is going well, just hope I manage to be half as organised as you when we get over. All the best in your new home.

      Jen :D

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      Hi lisa and co!

      Really good to hear that you have settled in, look at how much you have done!
      Good luck with the next few weeks.

      Take care


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