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      "How to i prove i had chicken poxs as a child??? "

      Your GP should be able to write you a letter that you can forward on stating you have natural immunity due to contracting chicken pox when you were a child. Failing that, a simple blood test will confirm you have the anti-bodies.

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      Chicken pox

      Re proving that you had chicken pox. It may be possible to have titres measured (blood test) you could ask your GP if this is possible. They should be able to find out. It may cost you a private fee though for the test.

      Not sure if this will help but worth asking anyway. Goodluck.

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      Hi all

      Thank you for your messages,

      Phone call to-night, she can't afford to go up, she's getting divorced so has to be careful with her monies
      Told me she was buying a new mini and motorbike, so things can't be that tight.
      Feeling really low, have i done the wrong thing, but also need as much as possible for the new life. Probably being to impatient it's only been 2 days, hopefully when she realises we not giving in she might up it abit.

      Emma things going slowly, havent sent visa papers off yet, just had request from RAH for prof of vaccinations. How to i prove i had chicken poxs as a child??? Why is everything so long winded and complicated!!!!???? Medicals booked for sept and visa papers ready to send next week. Hope everything is going well for you.

      Thank you again everyone, it does help knowing i can have a moan to people who understand the frustration that we are all going through.. Moan over

      cara xxx NOT SO HAPPY FEET


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