It is hard to say wether to bring or not - with hindsight I don't think we would have bought any furniture or bothered with a container if we had not had to bring Gregs machines and tools over.

The furniture here is cheaper than the same standard in the uk in my opinion and most of it is solid wood delivered ready made - no lightweight flat pack stuff that we have found (except IKEA :lol: )

We did find it funny when one of the units was delivered - wish I had a video. The first guy turns up with the van with the unit on the back. Greg goes out to help him get it in to be told another bloke is coming to help. Ten minutes later another bloke arrives so off Greg goes again to be told they have to wait for another bloke who took another ten mins to arrive. So the 4 of them get the unit off the van and move towards the steps up to the house where 2 have to let go anyway as there is no room for them at the sides so Greg ends up taking the unit in with one of the other blokes :? :lol: We were waiting for some bloke to jump out with a hidden camera :lol: :D :lol: