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      Quote Originally Posted by LukeM View Post
      In response to the last post... is that a USB wireless dongle that Vodafone are supplying you with which works off the Vodafone network (mobile broadband basically)

      The trouble with those is if a network has poor coverage in your area - well you're screwed into a 2 year contract then!!

      T-Mobile is pathetic here for me for mobile broadband.

      Im screwed anyway luke, we are going home soon.
      and have to pay the two year contract

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      Quote Originally Posted by laura girling View Post
      Im screwed anyway luke, we are going home soon.
      and have to pay the two year contract
      Oh dear Laura, what happened?!?

      How much is that going to set you back?

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      Don't go with Virgin broadband. It can be really slow at times and the phone keeps cutting out when you are talking to someone, it happened 3 times in one call. Also it takes forever to get through to customer service. It does sound a good deal, which if none of these problems happened, it would be. It's ironic that their number is a 1300 number, these numbers aren't included in the $60
      This is the cheapest one I could get as Bigpond wireless is much more expensive and for less gigs.
      If someone in the government could pull their finger out and get something done about the poor reception of ADSL in Hallett Cove, then we could get it. The ads for super fast ADSL really p's me off, especially when they say it has great coverage. I bet even the aborigines can get it at Uluru, better than Hallett Cove.
      Typical of SA though, they never want to spend any money where it is needed.
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      So it's just about the same as everywhere in England then?
      Meh. Can't say I give a toss. I'd rather be there than here.

      However. Cheat the system. Get Bigpond's ADSL connection and get a router from somewhere else, if you already had one in the UK, you just need a converter for the phone line-in and you're sorted.
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