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      Doesn't come any quicker...

      Still. Stuck. On. Skills. Assessment.

      Apparently the last bits were sent off to the assessor on 28th July. Now we wait, tentatively for that Skills Assesment to be processed (and ideally, passed) and then HOPEFULLY we should be clear to go through the rest of the process so we (hopefully) have our VISA by December.

      Then we can go if we enjoy our rekkie (too much maybe)?

      Anyone have any idea how long it takes after Skills Assessment's passed to getting a perm residency VISA?


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      Ours took about 6 weeks, but there was christmas and new year in between.

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      Sorry that was just for skills assessment!!!

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      We sent the visa application in April, they received it in July. Nov, they asked for medicals and police check, March received visa.


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