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      mistaken for ozzzys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hi All

      we haven't posted for a while as we have been to Florida for 2 weeks, I can't say a fortnight as the yanks dont get that, along with many other things. :roll: :roll:

      We have had this trip planned for over a year so we thought we would use it as an opportunity to test out what we thought of the temp and being so far from family. I usually talk to my mum every day, unsure of why due to lack of support and put downs, probably trying to do an impression of a good daughter(s*d that lets emmigrate).

      Anyway, we coped with the heat ok temps were probably late 80's to early 90's most of the time and we tramped round the parks me pushing Pippa (18m) and Joe (5) or Meg 7 1/2 on the buggy board and we coped. I would be lying if I said it was great, it wasnt it was quite grueling at times but I figure when we move we won't be doing anything as extreme as disney in Adelaide :shock: :shock: I hope.

      Not speaking with family was OK but I realise it was only for 2 weeks but I didn't struggle as much as I thought I would and in some ways it was liberating and we managed fine when Joey fell off the caro-seuss-el :? :? :? .He did come home in one piece. Just!!!!!!

      Funnily enough though it was odd things that gave us a heads up. Daft things like we had chinese take away one night and ordered hot and sour soup and it was nothing like what you would get in England. In Adelaide it wont be like when your on holiday, we could think well we will have some when we get home. When we move to oz that will be home and if we get a craving we wont get some later :( :(

      Also the flight was :shock: :twisted: :evil: :? :cry: :cry: :cry: ..........beeeeeeeeeeeep. despite having purchased a seat for Pippa she suddenly became surgically attatched to me and me alone. Would she sit on the seat purchased for her :?: :?: would she fluff. Would she sit and scream on mummy's knee for 8 1/2 hours and go to sleep on landing :oops: Oh Yes :!: :roll: .

      I would like to take this opportunity to appologise to the young couple sat near to us who will probably now never have children, and blame very clearly the Cook side of the family for the clingyness which of course dose not come from the Norgate side of the famiy. Enough to put you off the 24, 25, 26, 27hr++++++ flight. What do you think :!: .

      Anyway after all that gossip I'll tell all as to how this epic got its title.
      We were sat/traped in a train in one of the parks behind an older American couple and they asked us which stop was nearest the exit. Being the helpful couple we are, we looked at their map and pointed out the appropriate station. The conversation proceeded as follows:-

      yank1:- is that accent from Australia?

      Ali:- not yet

      Y1:- what do you mean?

      A:- we are planning on emigrating but currently live in England

      Y1:- I've been to australia.

      A:- Oh yes was it nice??

      Y1:- yes very good.

      Y2:-we're originally from England but we came over on the Mayflower.

      A:- did you? we came over on Virgin Atlantic.

      Ever seen a lead ballon.

      We have.

      Ali and co

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      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Great story!!

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      :lol: Good post Ali.

      We have been to America a couple of times and been mistaken for Aussies on a few occasions too. Theyr'e just not very good at recognising any accent if it's not a Yankee one :lol:


      PS Bet you're looking forward to your OZ flight more than ever now huh. LOL
      Karen, Steve, Nick and Chloe
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      That's just typical of americans. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

      One of the many reasons I'm Listerine (Anti-American for those not from London :lol: :lol: :lol: ) Went to New York a few years back and loved the place but didn't like the locals.
      I was mistaken for an Aussie in Gainsborough's Tesco. She thought my good old London accent was like those she hears on her Oz soaps. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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      Hi Ali and Co

      Great story !!

      Where abouts in Cheshire do you live ? We are originaly from Congleton and Bramhall but now live in Warrington.
      Matt 37, Suzi 38 (Dog Groomer) Ben 11 and Charlie 9 05/07/11 Got the visa !!!

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      Hi Matt and Suzie,

      we live in winsford so we wont be that far from you in warrington

      ali and co

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      Hi Ali,

      No probs with phoning home here. I talk to my mum at least twice a week sometimes more. Just get your self a prepaid phone card. You can use it from your home phone. Costs about $2 for an hour. Excellent value and no hassle keeping in touch


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      Great story.

      Cant wait for that 20 odd hour flight to Adelaide. OMG.

      But it will be worth it.

      SOunds like you had fun anyway and not so difficult being away as home as you thought.

      You will just have to make a new family in Adelaide in the friends you will meet. (me included, I hope)

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      Keeping in contact sounds great and not as expensive as we feared it might be. It would be great to be able to meet up with people we've met through the sight., as we will all be in the same boat. However you may rapidly change your mind happy jools if you get stuck next to us on that flight. Also to get a bit political I don't know how you'd react to morgans taste in football kit :lol: :lol: :lol: it's the wrong coulor stripes


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