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    Thread: MISSED YOU ALL

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      Hey Hayls if you enjoy your work thats all that matters :!:

      Glad you have some time out planned, I bet it will be super warm. Will you be on-line / using your PC right up until the flight?

      Want to make sure you don't fly off without my best wishes :)

      The boys will be in touch with Georgia tomorrow, its been busy this week with school plays & parties.

      Happy packing........I am dreading this part !!

      Angela :)
      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
      AGS Painting & Decorating PM me or email agspainting@adam.com.au

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      Hi Angela,
      I will be able to speak to you all the way as i am taking my new laptop and Camerons friend [designs programmes] is sorting it all out for us we are already wireless so i should be able to get on line and talk while on my journey, fingers crossed :roll:
      The girls are really busy at the moment too loads of sleep overs n stuff :lol:
      Georgia is very nervous tonight as she has a french test in the morning and after that she is performing a xmas song and dance for a school for children with special needs. :P

      Charlotte is too shy to do anything like that :oops:

      Have just booked airport hotel in manchester for the 31st, wanted to get away before the new year celerbrations and everybody started getting emotional :lol: 69 quid for 4 of us not bad i thought and it is inside the airport :lol:
      SIGNED the contract and should exchange on the house next thursday so should have some money in the bank :D
      I have got my works xmas party tommorrow nite it falls on my last day so thats quite good :lol:
      well speak to you soon
      Hayls :lol:

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      Hi Hayls,Di & Angela,
      Our container is coming on tuesday, and I've still got loads to do, you all sound far more organised than me!! :?
      I've been really ruthless so far, sorting out the kids toys while they have been at school,(mean aren't I)and I've taken loads round to the charity shop, but I still haveto pack clothes etc.. but like you say, I find myself on this site most evenings, or browsing through the real estate sites,I don't know why.
      This weekend we're sorting out the garage, there's not that much left in there, but Steve hasto sort out his work tools etc.. we're going out saturday night, so that'll be fun with a hangover!! : :shock:
      Hope you have a good night Hayls, and good luck to everyone with their plans,
      Lisa & Steve :)

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      taylor family
      :D hi lisa & steve exciting times ahead just had meds today cost just short of 600.
      just been reading about container because we've had shipping people round today I asked about tools of work with being in the building trade and they both told us if we ship tools over that are not perfectly clean that the customs can have them fumigated at a cost to you or be destroyed.
      and also the kids bikes have not got to have any dirt or soil on them or you will be charged for fumigation. :?
      but anyway what trade is steve and what do you do for work.
      all the best for tuesday dont get to stressed just and hope you have a good xmas and new year. :D :) :lol: alan & laura

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      Hi Alan & Laura,
      Hi hope you all had a good christmas, the container came & went without a hitch,we used PSS and would recommend them. I know what you mean about everything being clean, we had fun with the pressure washer late monday night, we were soaked and freezing!! :lol:
      We haven't been on line lately as we are living with my mum, but she has just had the internet connected, so it's nice to be back on!! :lol:
      We are flying out New Years Day, so really getting excited now, Good luck with everything, you are nearly there now!!
      Lisa & Steve


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