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      Thought you might pop up with some sarky comment!!!! cheers mate
      you carry on you will be playing golf on your own :lol: :lol:

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      We had to complete SIR Questionaire to apply for South Australian Sponsorship. I think if your on SIR 495 Visa you have to apply although not certain.

      Its a long form that you have to complete (honestly) answering questions like why do you want to live in South Australia, how much money will you be bringing, how to you plan to support yourself, where do you think you may want to live etc etc....

      It takes 4 weeks to get a reply. Ours took 5 so we were starting to get worried. But passed with flying colours and have sent of DIMA forms on Friday. Yeah.

      Hows your getting on Gra & Jac

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      Waiting is the worst bit!!

      Hi Julia


      The waiting is the worst bit. We had our medicals on May 2nd which we were told were all clear but we are now waiting for the police checks to come back. They say they can take 40 days. (Question for police officers out there (Sorry I cant remember your names but I have seen some on this forum) Why does it take so long?) It will be 40 days on Thursday.

      We sold our house on Friday (second time as the first time it fell through) so we are hoping we get our visa soon as we dont want to exchange contracts before. Looking at time lines we should have it by July. Can anyone tell us how long it took them from their medicals going on a 136 visa please? I am starting to panic a bit now.

      When are you hoping to go to Adelaide Julia? What jobs do you both do? Adrian is a Machine Tool Fitter and I work as a Catering Assistant in a hospital at the moment but want to get back into an admin post when I get to Oz as that is what I did for 18 years.

      By the way do you have trouble sleeping due to all the worry and excitment as I notice you are always on here early in the morning?

      Speak to you soon


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      Hi Paula & Adrian.

      Hope your Police Checks come through soon. My guess is one of you are holding a big secret that the other didnt know about and the FBI are onto you guys. hehe.

      We hope to go to Adelaide January 2008, but may not get Visa till November. Steve is being made redundant in October.

      You are not the first to notice Im on here early morning.

      My darling daughter Molly is up no later than 6am. So 6am is a lie-in. And what better to do than pass the time away on visit the forums.

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      The Bowmans
      Hi Jools

      Congratulations - hope you enjoyed the vino - any excuse for a celebration in my house......

      Our police checks took 28 days to come back so juding by some people that's not too bad. Maybe it depends where you live - who knows.

      We have had/passed meds and police checks, sold house and am waiting for a case officer and then hopefully the visa. Not too sure how long it will take.

      Good luck with the rest of the application process. Lets hope this is the first bottle of vino of many.


      ps Graham - Thick ? No, of course you're not. You're just a Spurs fan.......

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      Quote Originally Posted by The Bowmans
      ps Graham - Thick ? No, of course you're not. You're just a Spurs fan.......
      Ouch!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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      The Bowmans
      Sorry Graham - couldn't resist it and no, I didn't try very hard......!


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