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      just want to say all the very best gavin and fi and family, have a safe trip over(let me know how the singapore hotel went) and wish you all the luck with your new life over in adelaide, hopefully we will meet up on the other on the sunny side. keep us informed will lookout for ur update see ya later


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      Just read all the messages about how hard the good-byes are. We are part way through obtaining our visa and are still keeping it pretty quiet. However, I caught up with my oldest friend last week (we've been good mates since we were six, and have been through quite a lot together) and told her about our plans. Her reaction completely knocked me for six. At first she thought I was messing around. When she realized I wasn't, she burst into genuine tears, which made me howl as well! Our two daughters looked at us with complete bewilderment! Like you say, you don't realize how much you actually mean to people as well. Have to say, I was very touched by her reaction, although sad as well.

      What's it going to be like when we are due to leave???!!!


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      hi new to site and i would like to say congrats to you all.

      we are going to adelaide in oct 08 and are really looking forward to it.we want to go to happy vally,
      or flagstaff hill. but my only be able to afford reynalla.

      i hope you dont mind me asking who are you renting from in seacombe heights.

      sending you well wishers from esther ,john josh and alesia
      Hi there,

      We have got the property through Donna Jacobs whose email address has been given earlier in the thread.

      Good luck and hope you find something,

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      Hello, what a great post. We have removals in now and will start the good bye process on Sunday. The boys have already had to say goodbye to their dog 2 weeks ago and like you, I am feeling guilty.
      I am excited one minute and sentimental the next. But, this whole process has gone so smoothly, more than anything else I have ever arranged, that it just feels so natural to be making this massive change to our lives.
      Good luck with this emotional journey and in a month or so time it will be a memory.
      Becky xxx


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