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      Visa's and Citizenship

      Hi been resently told that you can't become an Australian Citizen until you have been in oz for 4 years instead of what was 2 years information sent to my husband by our agent. Out of interest how long do tempary visa's last for and can you apply for Australian Citizen when you are on this visa or do you have to apply for an permant one. There are so many tyes of visa just trying to get my head around them.


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      This is one I would be interested in
      Do you mean does you're temporary time count towards the 4 years?

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      Agents should make it perfectly clear to migrants their visa terms..I dont know what they do for their money!!!
      If you are temp visa then you can apply for perm visa after 2 yrs, then 2yrs on perm after which you can apply for citizenship, making a total of 4 yrs. This is the case for most temp visas but there are a few exeptions, unless they have changed the rules again, they are fond of doing that too!


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