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      Thats great news - bet you feel over the moon

      loads of luck, Lisa

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      Smile Fantastic News

      Tracey, Pete and the Crew,

      That's fantastic news we wish you all the very best for your news lives down under. Good luck and hope to see you there one day soon.

      Martin and Val

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      Your fabulous Mum

      You're so lucky to have such a wonderful mum. She obviously loves you to bits to let you go (and to help in the process). My Dad knew he had lung cancer when I left for the UK and never said a word, as he knew I would never have got on the plane. Hopefully she'll have many happy holidays with you when you get to Australia. I just hope I'll be that brave when it's my turn to let my kids go.

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      I am sooooooo pleased for you guys
      You're mum is an amazing woman, she obviously knows that no matter how much she will miss you and her grankids you are giving them a better life. Their are a lot of people on here who will envy you having such a great and understanding mum
      Good luck to you all, you soooooo deserve it

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      Thanks everyone, we are sooooooo excited but at the same time have sooo much to do. We have booked the container today for 3 and 4th September, using PSS. We need to get the house up to scratch for renting, sell the car, find somewhere to live for when we arrive!! But we will get there. Nothing like a bit of adrenalin to get you going is there? The kids are excited as they will see all their friends go back to school and they aren't. We leave a week and a half after they go back and as they said their goodbyes at the end of ;ast term it doesn't seem fair to send them back for such a short time. Just got to get them into a school quickly when we get there as they are already driving us mad!!!

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      you go gurl!!!! good luck with EVERYTHING wow youve got alot to do in the next 4 weeks or so, who you flying with was it easy booking flights with your big family xx

      We have booked with Singapore airlines and it was dead simple. Booked online then had to phone up and book Joe on as he is under 2 and you can't do that online. If anything the lady on the phone was too helpful and complicated things but got it sorted in the end. Just got to book the transit hotel in Singapore airport now. Also got to find travel insurance but struggling to find a company that will do one way insurance. Any suggestions???

      Anyway thanks again guys

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      Hi Tracey,

      Congratulations at last!!!!!!

      When I returned to Oz last week I used Down Under Insurance (offices in Oz and the UK) they were able to do one way travel insurance although their minimum period is for 5 days still worked out very cheap though. I did it all on line so don't have a phone number to hand but can look back for it if you need it

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      The Angus Clan
      So pleased to hear your news- that's brilliant! My heart was in my mouth when I saw the post heading!!!! Good luck with your move and hope to meet up one day!! :)

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      "Also got to find travel insurance but struggling to find a company that will do one way insurance. Any suggestions???"

      Try Go Walkabout Travel Insurance (0845 345 0327) or you can get a quote online: www.go-walkabout.com. Hope this helps. Good luck with everything.

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      Good Luck Tracey Pete and kids.

      Cant wait to catch up with you all again. Seems like a lifetime ago since we last saw you in Lincoln. Happy-jools and the clan.

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      Wooohhoooo, you go for it galpal!!! What a fab mother. Hope to see you on the other side. When I visited Adelaide I go my insurance via Travelmood, over the phone, I find it easier over the phone. I booked my flight with them as well, you should be able to book insurance with them though.

      Hope you have a great flight, keep us posted to your trip etc and let us know how it all goes.

      Mary xx

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      Ive had a quick quote for about 120 for 4 of us, does that sound right?
      Laura x


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