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      Perhaps you all need reminding of how cold our UK summers are!!! August - foul, rain, windy and cold. Top temperature over the next couple of days is just 20 degrees, and that's only between the showers. It was so cold two nights last week we had to put the central heating on and I wore my bed socks (which I had to retrieve from the packing) cos my feet were so cold. Whatever the weather over there I am sure it can't be as cold as it is over here!

      Can't wait to get there in October!


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      Quote Originally Posted by graandjac View Post
      :pWingeing Pom.....i have had a t shirt on at work now for 2 weeks.........cold...!!!;)its a perfect time of year just like a uk summer....lol cheers Graham
      You tell them Graham, look at a lovely summer day in Northern Ireland. This was last Saturday, Sunday was dry and its raining again today

      A clear-up operation is continuing after flooding across Northern Ireland. The emergency services are continuing to work to clear the Broadway underpass in Belfast, which at one point was submerged under 20ft of flood water.

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      It's rained that hard in Bradford today that my chickens have started quacking.

      Quick joke for caoimhe in Northern Ireland:

      Two ducks are walking down the Falls Road in Belfast
      The first one goes 'quack'
      The second one says 'I'm going as quack as I can.'
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      kinda reminds me of the Stratford on Avon and Evesham piccies from last 'summer' in the UK!

      Now someone has mentioned the flies, I'm thinking that I'd like the weather to dry up a bit now!

      Too late to change my mind now, the container is on it's way, my house is sold and the flights are booked a paid for!

      What can you do to reduce the fly burden in your house during the summer? I'd better get the advice now!!


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      The little buggas dont get inside if you keep the fly screens shut, its the outside that is the problem.
      I totally forgot how annoying they are when you are eating outside!

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      For those of you who are not sure what the average Adelaide weather is like have a look at this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/world/c...ml?tt=TT003040 ,


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      It's been the coldest we have known in the 8 years we have been here.
      We are chewing through firewood.
      We need the rain though.:)

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      This is our 3rd winter and our coldest so far. The last 2 were nothing like this year. There were lots more sunny "spring like" days.
      We arrived in 2005 and the summer that year was the worst for flies that we have experienced, so I don't know if the winter of '05 was wet. But yes, they do say if you have had a wet winter, the flies are bad for summer. I am definitley wearing a hat with a net on this year because if the flies are bad, they will drive me insane. They try to get into every orifice (sp?) possible and it's not nice when you are trying to mow the lawn and you get one stuck in your throat. urghh!

      We also torment ourselves with looking at the Gold Coast weather reports and seeing all those yellow sunshines and low 20's temperatures makes me yearn more to live in Queensland.


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      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
      It's been the coldest we have known in the 8 years we have been here.
      We are chewing through firewood.
      There are surely some much nicer things you could find to chew through!!!
      I will ignore the "we need the rain" comment!

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      well this is my 31st winter here (well not quite as some of those were spent in UK), you can get cold winters, mild winters,and you can get wet winters, I remember it raining for weeks with only a few days break in between; but one thing you can be certain about there will ALWAYS be heat in summer, maybe not the mega heatwave we had last summer, but there will be one.

      When I started at high school, the classrooms had 2 bar heaters (the small kind meant for grannies) screwed onto the wall at head height. This was to heat a room meant to fit 25 kids and 1 teacher! Luckily by midwinter gas heaters had been installed. There was no air conditioning, only ceiling fans, again 2 and to get the benefit you had to sit right under them. Bus home on the vinyl seats, windows open, leaving a wet sweat mark on the seat when you get up. Kids these days have it lucky.
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