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      The aussie 12 days of Christmas

      OK so this has nowt to do with being 'out & about' but as Christmas is just around the corner....................

      On the twelfth day of Christmas
      My true love sent to me,

      12 Possums playing

      11 Lizards leaping

      10 Wombats washing

      9 Crocs a snoozing

      8 Dingos dancing

      7 Emus laying

      6 Sharks a-surfing

      5 Kangaroos

      4 Lyrebirds

      3 wet Galahs

      2 Snakes on skis

      and a Kookaburra in a gum tree.

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      Hi Di,
      I like that version better than ours, which i can never remember, do they really sing it :lol:

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      I've never heard anyone actually sing it Hayls, I got it out of a book I bought my niece for Christmas last year, I also bought her 'The Aussie night before Christmas' which I have saved on a PC CD somewhere, I'll find it out and post it later.

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      donna T
      I loved this one - my 5 year old thought it was great fun - but was a bit worried about the sharks!!!



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