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      Living TV

      Just watching 'Most Haunted Live' but bored as nothing genuine happening!!
      Can you get it in OZ (most haunted that is and living tv)

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      Yes, unfortunately we do get Most Haunted here but I can't remember which channel it's on, one of the Foxtel channels anyway!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      Hi there

      It's not a program that I watch. I don't think you tend to watch so much TV here as it is even worse than the UK unless of course you're into American crime and violence programmes
      I couldn't believe it on a recent trip back to the UK everyone was glued to certain programs and their lives seemed to be centred around them, I forgot what that was like - recording them if they were going to be out and putting them straight on when they got back in - it was driving me
      Saying that as part of my OH's job we get the foxtel full package so just had a look for you think that the lifestyle channel is similar to living TV - although when I did a search on programmes it said Most haunted was on the W channel. Not sure if it is the same program as the information on it wasn't very clear and some programmes are called something else!


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      I took so long typing that I crossed with Liz's post - but there you go it is the same program then!

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      I used to love watching that program. Especially seeing the presenters wetting themselves!

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      Richard & Amanda
      We had foxtel installed yesterday - we have the full package on a months trial.

      We have "found" Corrie and Emmerdale and Holby city!!!!!
      We never watched Corrie or Emmerdale at home but it was nice hearing uk accents again especially since I'm from near Manchester.
      Having said that I could just wander over to Foodland at Hallett Cove and listen to the UK accents!!!!;)

      We will be downgrading to the basic package after a month cos I'm not paying to watch British soaps - I didn't come 16000km to watch them!!!

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      Thanks guys.
      I don't think I will miss it much as it is all fake from what i can see.
      As long as I can still watch Formula 1 and Dr Who which I know I can from recent threads I should be ok.
      Hoping to get a life and not sit in front of t.V. but raining again!!
      off to Scarborough tommorow for a few days with weather forcast looking grim (Hope we have an indian summer)


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