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      Left behind! :-(

      Well my parents and my sister are leaving tonight! In fact their plane is scheduled to depart in about 3 minutes!! They are flying from Heathrow via Singapore, will arrive in Adelaide Tuesday morning (local time).

      I can't wait until our visa arrives (if it ever does - fingers crossed!!). We are in the long queue for the 475 - I am not expecting to get to Adelaide before Easter really. Depressing. We have had so many time consuming set backs. I really hope it is just waiting now and that there won't be any more problems.

      My kids are really going to miss Nanny and Grandad! My eldest is 5 and is very close to them. My youngest is only 6 mths so he won't even know who they are when we get there. He'll probably be a year old and walking! Scary.

      Here's hoping the time flies by!

      Jo xxx
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      I'm the other way round. I'm leaving my parents behind if and when we go. They were coming out with us at the same time but Dad has decided he doesn't want to retire. He's 72!!!! I am the only child and I'm worried to death about leaving my Mom. They are coming out to us once we are settled but we want to rent for 12 months to be sure where we want to settle. It must be horrible for you but I'm sure your visa's will be through soon and you will all be back together again. Tell your 5 year old they have gone on an exciting adventure and that you will soon too.


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