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      Not Adelaide..........

      ......but it is 'Out and About'

      I'm totally knackered, I had the best night in a long time last night (wed 14th) I went to the Robbie Williams gig in Brisbane.

      Awsome show.

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      Hi Di
      you lucky so and so , i went ot see him in birmingham a few years back, but had the crappiest seats i might as well have been sat on the roof , but still enjoyed it.

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      I enjoyed wednesday night so much I went again last night.

      YES I did manage to get tickets for thursday's gig too, I just phoned ticketek on the off chance to see in there were any tickets available, I spoke to a very nice guy who found two seats right at the end of the side ramps, so I got Excellent seats last night.

      He had a dig last night at the SEVEN complaints from the public about the noise.

      It was so nice to hear my hometown accent again, the only problem is it's made my accent strong again now so coming home on wednesday night on the train, the friends I'd gone with had trouble understanding me.

      Wednesday night Robbie ROCKED but last night, he bought the house down, it was 10 times better.


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