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      7 years today..........

      Well,on this cold and blustery day we are celebrating the 7th anniversary since we arrived in Adelaide

      It seems a lifetime and we have done so much.

      We came on a permanent residency business visa, very unsure as to what we were really going to do for a living -BUT very prepared to give it a go!
      All we asked for was an opportunity to earn a living and to live safely.

      We came with open minds and a sense of humor.
      Those attributes are still with us.

      We are now involved in 3 businesses we never dream t we would be in.We were given the opportunity, took the risks and it paid off.
      Perhaps our circumstances were a little different to some coming over now.Funny how the harder we worked the "luckier" we became.One of my motto's is "Luck is when the paths of opportunity and preparation cross"We have had the chance to not only have an adventure but also to change our lives and learn new skills and have new experiences.
      The "Tall poppy" attitude is here in Oz as well but not as bad any any means,we suffered from it in the UK.The worst offenders are Poms I'm afraid,please leave some of those attitudes as you pass through customs!
      I love the relaxed atmosphere here, I've always been accepted here for who I am - no matter how scruff I'm dressed.
      One classic example is that we have an olive grove,I've had to learn from scratch how to run it, my only other previous experience with olives was on top of pizzas!!
      We now ( I humbly say) produce some of South Australia's finest extra virgin olive oil and sell every drop we produce.We'll never get rich from it but the sense of achievement leaves me feeling like I'm a millionaire!

      Australia is our HOME now, I actually disown the UK now.Not much there for all of our family after several trips back to see the changes. If ever we do become disenchanted with Adelaide there are plenty of areas in Australia to live, or even other countries if they would have us.

      We became Citizens a few years ago.one of the proudest moments in our lives.We regarded it as an opportunity to put the final stamp on our journey here but also to say to Australia that we want to be part of things here.

      Funnily enough the first few years were fairly easy for us,in later years we've had some tough and emotional times.Last year both Mrs Tyke's and my Mum passed away after long illness.Mrs Tyke and I spent long periods separated as we visited the UK to see them and eventually see them off.

      Never in our darkest hours have we ever fully wanted to move back to the UK!

      The life here is very different to the one we led in the UK.I guess that Australia has changed us a little but we still retain our character and work ethics.Two attributes that have gotten us through.We see life as a challenge, and opportunity to have new experiences and sometimes as a business opportunity.

      Little Tyke has done well and is a full blown Aussie now,her accent can be quite hard to understand!She calls Australia home too,especially after a visit back to the UK.

      Over the time we have made many,many friends.They are VERY important, especially as we have no family here. Some have fallen by the wayside ,gone and done their own thing or their lives have changed.I wish em' all well.
      Some friends we have made though we have instantly clicked with and I'm sure will be with us for life. We value friendship enormously, especially those who take us for what we are,not what we can do for them or what we have (you know who you are)


      ANTS!!!! Bloody things are a nuisance!!. Very persistent and caused me to learn how to use a vacuum!
      This is coming from someone who lives on 2.5 acres that gets all the bitey / poisonous beasties in the world here - we regularly see snakes in summer here.

      Yup ,things can take their own sweet time here,sometimes I am running to a different clock to the rest of Australia.You just have to get stuck in and make things happen w- don't give up the work ethics you have brought with you.

      Likes: Just about everything to be honest.
      Mainly the chance to be allowed to settle here and make our way in life.We are adaptable and try and take things in our stride.

      Well I've rambled long enough,time for my second coffee now.

      I might have written the odd thing that winds someone up in this forum - but go and talk to someone who cares.As is often mentioned, the truth should be told.Yup - we've done OK in life but worked our socks off at all sorts of weird times and taken hoooooge risks.

      Last but not least - a hoooge big slobbery kiss to Mrs Tyke.You don't half put up with a lot from me :-)

      I sincerely hope to all that they can enjoy the happiness we have enjoyed.Hopefully to continue!!!!!!!!!

      Also posted in other forums I "Haunt" :o

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      Great read Tyke, Glad to hear you love Adelaide so much.


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      "I might have written the odd thing that winds someone up in this forum - but go and talk to someone who cares.As is often mentioned, the truth should be told.Yup - we've done OK in life but worked our socks off at all sorts of weird times and taken hoooooge risks. "

      i actually applaud that manner on forums and i get wound up with all the rose tinted glasses garbage and have to pull my finger away from the keyboard - get fed up reading how yuk the uk is and where i should live on arrival based on someones google search or two week holiday.......

      good honest warts n all - we arrive soon with exactly the same attitude - lets see what happens and hopefully well be given a chance to show what we can offer in our own small world of schools and education.

      you get what you deserve in life - im a firm believer in that - hence negative attitudes arent just suddenly changed on arrival down under - good stuff to read - congrtaulations maybe not the right word - sounds like youve got the life you deserve....respect for that

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      Thanks for that tyke

      it is always good to hear the opinions of some one who has been there and done that. We have been reading some very negative agressive opinions latly (on other unmentionably sites) and while they havent swayed our opinion as to our dicision they do make you exaimn it even more closley and do more research (if thats possible). Whilst this is undoutedly to a certain extent a very good thing it can get depressing after a while, so it is great to hear of a family so obviously still happy after 7 years. particulaly an x yorky family. So good luck for the next 7 years and beyond we will raise a beer to you tonight.

      ali and co

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      Brilliant post Tyke. Last year sounds like it was tough and must have been really difficult not being together to support each other. You have acheived so much in 7 years congratulations to you all. Wow an olive grove that sounds like really hard work but must be extremely rewarding!
      Good luck for the future - I'm sure you will continue to make it a success - I'm a firm believer that you make your own luck.

      Cari :)

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      yep! loving it - just my kind of attitude!!
      i just wish we can say the same things after 7 years.

      we deffinitly will give it a good go and put everything in we have.
      and i am quite certain we won't look back . it's a 'new' life after all and some things have to give. but never forget all the things you get in return :) (eventually )

      so well done you! (and family of course)

      happy anniversary :)

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      Great post Tyke. Like someone else said, its nice to hear positive things.I've been on other forums and some people are on such downers at the minute.I appreciate its their opinion and maybe its not what they expected but everyone is different.you have proved that by giving it a go and what success you've had!! I applaud you Tyke and i only hope i'm as happy as you are( obviously when SAPOL say yes on 1st june of course).
      Congrats mate.
      Come on you Blades!

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      Congratulations Tyke, glad to hear that you are still enjoying it as much today, as 7 years ago. Like everything in life, good and bad things happen, but as you say, if you work through the hard times it does get better, I can vouch for that. I also believe what you say about calling Adelaide HOME. If you want to make a real go of it you need to stop talking about "going home to uk"

      Well done with all you've achieved, and may you and your family keep enjoying. Have a drink tonight, sounds like you've earned it.


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      Well done. Excellent post.

      I can sense the well meaning in your post and the hard and good times that youve been through. A very balanced outlook on life gets us all to where we want to be, and you seemed to have proved this.

      I sense your loyalty to your family, which is very nice to read, and as you have no other family around, they are your lifeline.

      I would love to be writing a post like this in 7+ years.

      :) :)

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      Well done to you & Mrs Tyke it is great to hear that you are still happy after 7 years and that you really feel like a true oz. We cant wait for the chance .




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