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Hi all this just to say sorry in advance to anyone heading to Adelaide on monday 22nd with singapore airlines we are travelling with three boys 12,8 and 2 we are dreading the flight they
have never been on a plane before,again sorry.
Hi Tom,

Don't think the worst, just wait and see what happens. Our daughter is about to do the trip for the 4th time, she's 12 and we've flown with her and her 11yo brother without too many problems on a regular basis. Can recommend Travelcalm jubes (1 lasts 24 hrs) if you're worried about travel sickness. Don't use Phenergan it made our son manic and has already been discussed on another PIA thread in the past. Your 8 and 12 yo will probably enjoy the films and games onboard. The meal trays also amuse them. Besides they'll probably nod off when it's late anyway. Singapore airport has lots to amuse the kids. If all does go pear shaped just remember that it's just 24 hours or so of your life, you'll probably not see the people on the plane again and at least you were brave enough to give it a go! Some people never even do that.