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      Red face S.A.sponserships

      well what can i say, it's tuesday night,and a bottle and a half of hardy's arrival sauvignon later(my favourite). This site is looking wow groovy trendy or is it my eyes again?...anyway, just going through this bl...dy s.a sponsership form online again....i've saved and continued it about 40 times now this week and still i keep thinking .....could i add a bit more .... have i scpeeled enough yet? ..wot does ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssscpeeld mean ? oh sh..te it's off now , ..an hav you ever felt like that possibly wasn't the rite time to send that ... oh how impatiant i'm gettin. do you think were all just masakists( could someome please tell me how to spell that.)oh the torture.....!Och i'm off to bed. oh aye the question , any ideas to the lenth of time this bit takes for any kind of answers ? night night stu.xx

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      Hi Stu & Fiona

      Hows the head this morning?

      I remember having to think of all those answers for the questions on the sponsorship forms....its 'orrible is it? I think we all wonder if we have written enough or the right answers... Just write from the heart...make sure you have shown that you have done enough research on adelaide....I know we put down that we had made friends from the forums etc......

      If I remember rightly, our sponsorship took about 6 weeks...have a look at my signature, it should say.

      Good luck

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Hi Stu and Fiona

      Doing it at that time of night how can you think straight, i'd fall asleep at the computer that time of night. Don't know timescales, just about tostart our SA sponsorship, but you're scaring me already, maybe I will be up all night checking what I'm writing. Anyway, good luck with yours and hope that sore head clears up later, plenty of water, or does that make it worse??!!

      Take care


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      Ouch. Bad head today. Hope it was worth it. haha.

      Anyway ours came back in 5 weeks (only very recently) Have a look at my timelines.

      Good luck and fingers crossed it comes soon.

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      HI Stu and Fiona! I'm Mark and my wife is Katy. We are also in Aberdeenshire. We are waiting to hear back about our regional sponsorship, but nothing is happening quick enough for us! Where about are you guys?

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      Hi Mark and Katy, fit like an foos yer doos ? we're fae bonnie Turriff, real chuchter country.
      And hi everyone else, thanks for all your concern's but my head is fine, it's just a way of life up here. still when i checked my e.mails tonight they've acknoledged.. ? god i'm such a crap typer.. typist... oh pist again... not.! and yes i'm a sado cause i cruise the net and come back an forth to these forums pretty much every night. still have that sinking feeling, especially that question about aussie culture..... what culture ......?...they've stolen ours and just do it all outside! oh yeah l like the new smilies ,this one looks like me...
      about the same amount of hair.!


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