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Thanks Guys for all your chats,advice and support.....we took a huge gamble and booked the flights for Monday 13th October (just a week to go)!
The gamble did not go in our favour BUT at least we tried!
so no matter what we will be "THE CUNNAH FAMILY of 6" getting on that plane from Manchester heading for Adelaide BUT sadly with NO VISA!
Plan B it will have to be .....We go on a last minute ETA visa to enter Australia and when eventually they agree to grant our 475 visa (lodged December 07)we will have to go as a family to New Zealand for a week to have the "golden ticket" stamped in our passports out of Australia!
But until that happens we can NOT work!!!!
Watch this space guys and we will be back on once our Computer arrives (getting taken away to be shipped off tomorrow)
We will be arriving with just 6 suitcases now and our Computer will follow with a small crate of personel belongings whenever!

Good luck to everybody like us still waiting for that visa!

Hi Gill.

Gosh I've not been on here in a few days but your post is inspirational. I'm sure it'll all work out..you guys have such a positive spin on it all..and good things happen to those who think it will..it's the "secret"..that's a great book..positive mantra and all that jazz.....I got my fingers and toes crossed BIG time!

Meet up one day I hope.

The Hannah's....x