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      oz on tv

      i thought someone might be interested

      Discovery Atlas
      Australia Revealed : An exploration of some of the major attractions of Australia, with a look at cattle ranching, gold mining and beach barbecues
      Showing Tomorrow at 10:00AM on Discovery Travel & Living


      World's Best Places to See
      Natural Wonders - The Great Barrier Reef : Short programme about Australia's breathtaking Great Barrier Reef
      Showing Tomorrow at 2:50AM on UKTV Documentary and 3:50AM on UKTV Documentary +1

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      cool, thanks for that I`ll be watching!

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      thanks yeah will def have a look at that!
      also being repeated at the moment is life down under at 12.25pm & 1.55pm - note these are not repeats but 1 after the other showings! (sky plus!)
      haven't seen anyone in Adelaide, as yet!, but all the same nice to see how others are getting on with the transitional period - showing how they are getting on with - housing, working, schools & lifestyle!

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      Sorry forgot to tell you life down under is on channel 4 Monday - Friday!


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      Ha hah, you tv addicts, were the same, anything oz and i'm watching it. we got rid of sky a wee while ago to try and save a few squid so my brotherin law 2 doors round the corner quite often gets a visit . and that life down under thats on at dinner times well i'm hooked, prblem is i'm finished the job i'm on today in the holiday house that was so very convenient this last two weeks. what am i gonna do on monday.......? BOO HOO.


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