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      Ever since the clock went back the computer (and my wife's) has had a mind of it's own every 2 days or so the clock jumps back 1 hour on both computers I keep setting it 1 hour forward and it's already caused us to get a phone call to say our daughter needs picking up from school because we're late :O

      and it's causing more problems, i simply stopped looking at the computers clock now i just look at my phone, anyone else having this problem?

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      nah im running vista and the bottom task bar clock is uk time and on desk top in gadgets my world in oz flag is set to oz time
      if you on windows xp go to settings on clock and make sure box for auto time set is ticked and which time zone


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      we use "igoogle' as our home page and have it set up to show us adelaide time and weather also the parents time and weather back home.


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