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      Smile more good news

      Hi All,.

      Thought we'ed share the rest of our good news. After getting Morgans skills assesment back on Monday the week was going prity well anyway. Then we had the usual 4monthly visit to manchester eye hospital on Friday and guess what, they stoped Meggies eye patching. I have never seen a 7 almost 8 year old look so pleased. :D

      I knew she didnt like doing it but the look on her face when she realised that was it should be bottled. She started wearing her patch and contact lense at 7 weeks old so she has never really known any different we had to come home and ceremonaly bin the patches.

      We will have to remember this when we get fed up with the paper wrk on the next bit.

      The only thing to worry about now is how long the hangover from celebrating the skills assesment and meggies news will last.

      ali and co

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      Cool yeahhhhh!

      Hi that is fantastic news! it must feel like Christmas in your house! nothing better than seeing your kids happy - you must be really chuffed!
      all the best

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      awww that sure is great news!!! celebrate in style :)

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      Yeah for Meggie.

      kimberley x

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      wass celebrate in styyyle hicc!!!!!!!! ussss passssthe cava

      realy it is cool

      lol ali


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