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      Getting there...

      Well, news update

      Finally feeling a bit more settled now. The novelty has worn off and the shock of OAA has faded into memory. I won't say bad memories as we were sort of clear of what we could be getting - clean, basic, old, old, old, dated, not great area etc etc but it gave us somewhere to sleep without worrying too much.

      We looked round all suburbs and then decided how far away from city we wanted to be. We chose an arc from Hallett Cove round Sheidow park, Morphett Vale, Happy Valley and Aberfoyle Park but also looked at Port Noarlunga. Our main conern with Port Noarlunga is that, I think, the older kids were sent by bus to a secondary school in Christie Downs and I didn't want that.

      We chose to limit our spending on rent to $300 ish per week as we were pretty confident we could get something that would suffice for that. We have a 4 bed, 2 bathroom bungalow in a quiet cul de sac with a nice garden for that. The houses here are about 10-15 years old and it is a nice quiet place. We have views of the hills and can be at the beaches in 5-10 mins. Shops are handy especially in Old Reynella, which I love. The primary school is next door but one and we can watch our daughter playing at breaktime from our front drive.

      We had probs with our money which was not forwarded onto our bank as we had planned. We arrived on the 20th, went to the bank on the Monday and had a fit when they had no idea why we were there! It took mroe than a week to get our money sorted which created stress on a massive scale and nearly sent me off to the travel agents in a huff to book a flight anywhere out of Oz!

      A lovely lady called Karin who was on holiday here got in touch and we met her and her lovely family which really helped. Not only did we enjoy their company (I was ready to hit the OH with the first dented applicance that came to hand) but it was good to hear about the experiences of others going through similar things face to face. Methinks I made a new friend....

      Australians can't drive. I warn you now. They indicate after they have changed lane, have no idea about space between vehicles, or speed. They use mobiles and generally drive you mad. Just as well they are so nice outside of their cars.

      Australians also cannot make decent bread or at least not that I have found. I have found PGTips but can't remember where that was so am now reduced to cr*ppy tea which is making me irritable.

      Australians can give you the time of day and will happily start a conversation up no matter where you are in order to share their enthusiasm for their country. They love Australia and want you to love it too.

      They are incredibly helpful and will spend ages going through all sorts that they think you might like to visit, giving you directions.

      Australians do know what it means to have a work life balance and so close up shops at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon. It drove me mad the first time I came across it but now I quite like it. It is part of the slower pace that I came here for so I am loving it.

      Australians don't really give a hoot about what your house is like, or what car you drive etc. What matters is the type of person you are, not what you have and I find that refreshing. To have a value for being just me is wonderful.

      They know how to be creative when building houses on what looks to me like a cliff face. Go to Flagstaff Hills if you want to see what I mean.

      From anywhere in Adelaide CBD you can turn your head and see the hills which calms your spirit.

      Their beaches stretch for miles and I have yet to see a sea so turquoise or beautiful anywhere else. Their land is beautiful and the hills/ views are stunning.

      In short, Australia is one hell of a place to be and I am so glad I came.

      The tears have started but we expected that. We are missing people but the emails help and keeping busy stops us dwelling on things.

      If I can be of anymore help, PM me.

      Looking forward to getting in touch with those that are here...

      I dropped the phone that had your details saved on it. I have now got your details again and will be in touch asap.

      Love Libby

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      donna T
      That was a lovely post and one I can identify with - especially the driving - I have lost count of the number of times I flashed someone (WITH MY LIGHTS!) to let them out only to have them lookat me as if I was mad. I don't bother now!
      This is a wonderfull area and I can't wait for the winter to be over (yes I know it has only just started!)
      Thanks for taking the time to write it

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      Hi Libby,

      Funny I was only thinking we hadn't heard fom you for a while just yesterday. Glad to hear you are all doing O.K.:) only 5 more months for us which sounds like ages untill I think of everything we need to organise. Good luck with the teabag situation as I'll be there for a cuppa in October;)


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      Wonderful story

      Hi Libby
      What a wonderful story....truly inspiring and one that includes both the highs and the lows which is the balance we're all looking for as we take this huge step.
      Once again OAA mentioned and another person saying its more functional than luxurious, which gives us some more to think on, so thanks for that. The arc you described is exactly the one we're thinking of, and chosen from recommendations from people on here and people I've spoken to who've lived there, and not too far from the airport but far enough to avoid the noise etc.
      I've heard about the Oz driving standards and the unusual ways they use their cars but 10 years going round the M25,especially on weekends, prepares you for just about anything and the sheer number of East European lorries to avoid adds to those defensive driving skills :(.
      Which bank did you use in the Uk to transfer your funds into ? I've heard many good things about The Commonwealth Bank but some horror stories regarding HSBC, but I'm sure every case is different. We'll take your warning about tea and bread onboard and make sure we pack the breadmaker and take a lifetime's supply of the tea the monkeys drink;)and am really looking forward to their 'classless' attitude which is so refreshing, am sick of being looked down upon for the car I drive and the house I live in, as I think we're pretty nice people generally and don't deserve to be labeled the way we are in the UK,and I've heard about just how proud Australians are of their country,something that only seems to happen at World Cups or Cricket test's which is a real shame,I am English and proud of it, almost scared to say it sometimes:(.
      The rest of your story sums up the reason why we want to go and the oppurtunities for the kids seem much greater and varied and can see us settling in though we do realise there will be tears and frustrations but thats the downside for a much better life.
      Anyway I've rambled on much too long,as usual says Deb,best of luck for your future endeavours and you never know might bump into you soon.
      Stoo Deb & Boyz
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      What a lovely post

      Its keeping my spirits up while we await paperwork hold ups :D

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      Lovely to hear from you Libby. I am glad you have settled into the ozzie lifestyle so quickly, well done. Where are you actually renting? Which suburb? Did you secure the rental easily?
      Good luck for the future, won't be long & I will be joining you all out there

      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
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      The Bowmans
      Hi Libby

      A great, inspiring post. It's great that Australia and the Aussies live up to your expectations (at least outside their cars!).

      Keep up the good work posting and I hope you find some PG Tips soon!

      Take care.


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      Hi Libby

      What a great post, It's great to hear you've settled in so quickly. I guess its inevitable, no matter how great Oz is and how good a time you're having the tears do startto come when you think of family and friends this side, but as you say email is great and maybe you will start getting visitors soon. It still makes us want to join you that end one day. Good luck with your continued enjoyment and keep us updated with how its all doing.

      Good Luck with finding the tea.:)


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      :)Fab post just what we needed to hear ,nice of you to be honest which keeps our feet on the ground,every day we keep telling ourselves how hard it is going to be in preparation for the very hard times then anything better will be a bonus good luck in the comming months:)cheers Graham and Jacqui

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      Thumbs up great to hear from you!

      great to hear you are doing well! it has rained her for 2 days solid & it supposed to be almost spring - like you said at least you can still look at the turquoise water & the hills good luck with the search for tea bags (everything can be solved with a cuppa!)
      keep us posted in your progress
      I cant wait to get out (i will bring t-bags! if you put the kettle on!)
      steph x :)


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