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    Thread: Cold feet

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      Lovely people

      Hello again,
      Just realised how wonderful everyone on PIA is and in case I have forgotten, a big thank you to Emma and Alicia . Told Myrna ( my 7 year old ) this morning when we off to school and she was so excited about sending a message out and to make friends...Im sure Alicia will be receiving one soon...
      I guess the words of support and comfort especially when we are starting new is a big relief....
      As someone said to me today." No one needs to reply to your post but seeing that people did, it sure does show that there are loads of support and warmth around"

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      Hi Vinder.
      If theres one thing thats made the whole process a lot easier for me its the support you can get from PIA. When i started this whole process i was going with the belief that i wouldn't know anyone. Since i've joined PIA its been a real eye opener seeing how supportive and friendly people really are. I certainly don't feel like i'm going it alone now.
      Alicia is looking forward to hearing from Myrna, if she doesn't hear straight back from Alicia it will be because i'm at work but i'm on here most days. Take care.x

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      It is only natural for your daughter to be feeling the pressure of the unknown - it is scary! we are adults and feeling the same way at present. Our container left last weekend and we leave in 2. Suddenly, all the reasons for leaving here don't seem significant anymore and all the crap here is no longer crap!!moving to Oz seems a stupiud idea! but.......... even if that turns out to be the case, someone said in an earlier post here that planes go in each direction, no experience is worthless. We have got to the point of no return and have to now make the move. I am sure in a few weeks we will revisit all the reasons for moving and it will be a positive feeling again, then perhaps yo-yo for a while again. I guess no one knows what the future holds, but you can't make a mistake trying, a mistake is not to try at all!! malaysia (Ireland in our case) will always be there.........

      There you go, I'm feeling positive again now!!

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      Thanks and I agree that saying it ( or in this case writing about it ) really helps and it makes you feel good. Somehow, deep down inside I know we, as a family, are doing the right thing. Neway, reading about the experinces of other members; who are already Adelaide; always helps in a lot of ways.
      Right now been thinking about how long it would take for our shipment to reach adelaide...from some of the posts I have read it takes 13 weeks or so. I ownder how long it will take from M'sia. Our shipment is out by the 5 th of Dec, with Christmas and New Year, I wonder if we can get it by the 15th of jan 2009

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      Hi Vinder

      When we came out in 1992, our three girls were 7,6,4 i like you was very worryed how they would cope starting a new school, would they make friends? I remember taking the two eldest to school on there first day and comming home and waiting by the phone incase the school rang because they were upset, the call never came, i went to pick them up and both came running out telling me what a great day they had and what thier friends names were, infact the kids in the class were more interested in my girls lives in UK, asking them question like "have you seen snow'? Kids make friends very quickly, my girls picked up Aussie accent really fast and became just like every other kid in the school. We made the whole move an adventure for them.

      Its only human to worry about our children, but they will settle down if you do.

      My eldest daughter still writes to her friend in the UK.

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      Thanks for sharing your experience. Its always nice and helpful to know that others have gone through this same road and have survived...



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