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      Filming for 'A Place in the Sun'

      Had a surreal day at The Men's Room on Hindley Street today, when a heavily pregnant presenter and film crew from the Channel 4 programme 'A Place in the Sun' came in to shoot a new show that is due to be aired in the UK in January 2009. Apparently they had found my advert on this website!!

      They wanted to know why I had chosen to come and live and work in Adelaide, how long I had been here etc.

      Seemed to give them the correct answers that they were looking for.

      They then told me that they were going to interview a UK midwife, which I thought was very apt (ha ha) under the circumstances.


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      Small world, Lulujim was filmed over here last week for the show!!

      Good on ya, another famous PIA'er!! ;)

      Judi x


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