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      Good Luck Angela, sure it will all go through soon

      Sept 3rd - not long to go.

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      Well done with the 30kg and fingers crossed for the exchange ;)

      Good time to come over too just in time for spring - can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!! :p


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      Niki & Nige
      good luck hope all has gone well,

      we arrive in Oct, ourselfs and cant wait !!!!!!!!!!

      good luck with living with the ''in laws''

      Niki & Nigel

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      Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
      Okay. I am sorry if I bore you with my woes but my house sale is the bain of my life at the moment !!

      The 1st time buyer has confirmed that they DO now want a Home Buyers Survey. I believe that they can still sign on Friday but the exchange of contracts definitely will not take place until the survey is complete, written & all the work (if any is required) is completed !!

      I just cannot believe that this is happening.

      The shippers have now been cancelled. They have been paid in full so have requested 7 - 10 days notice to re-book them. I will only do this ONCE the contracts have been exchanged.

      Stress or what .............

      I planned to resign this week, 4 weeks notice - now not gonna happen., I daren't just in case there are more problems.

      Sorry to rant ...
      Good luck angela,
      I`m sure in the long run every thing will work out!!

      Jo & dale

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      Contracts STILL not exchanged !!

      Well I thought I ought to pop back in & give a little update. I never knew a house sale could be so stressful but believe me it is !!

      So where do I start....
      First of all there are 5 in the chain. I am no5 & no1 is a 1st time buyer (FTB).

      Oh so you know no1 solicitor is married to no3, so you would think this chain would be quite simple, by god it isn't.

      The FTB had another survey, home buyers, which sort of means they are really keen as this would have cost a further 600 at least. But no not satisfied that that came back ok, they had further queries which I was told yesterday that their seller has now answered & the details are back with their Lender.

      So in theory, because everyone has now signed the contracts, once the Lender is happy we can exchange.

      No.....I might just add that from the 1st survey that the FTB had they already GOT a mortgage offer, so why the hold up ??

      I reckon they are in rented & their agreement is not up until the end of July, hence why everything is moving very slowly....that is my opinion & yesterday the solicitor's secretary more or less confirmed that the FTB is really wanting to move out by the end of July..........I bet they bloody are.....sorry for swearing .

      Yes I am mad. They have delayed everything for the past 5 or so weeks.

      I rang today & the solicitor is no further forward he said he cannot do anymore other than wait.

      I am desperately trying to hold onto flights that have been provisionally booked for the 3rd September via Singapore with a 1 night stop-over, but it now looks like a deposit is required. Ashley is there now at Travelbag trying to sort out our best options, without losing any money !!

      I seriously hope Monday will bring us some better news. The shippers still need at least 7 days notice & I am not prepared to book them again until the contracts are exchanged. I really don't think the FTB realises our situation & if they do, do they care ??!!

      I want desperately to book the OAA but I am worried even now that we won't get out at the beginning of September as I keep trying to stay positive its incredibly hard.

      So if there is any further update from me next week, watch this space !!

      From a very unhappy Angela x
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      Oh Angela, please try and keep happy and smiling. These things are really sent to try us, its each for their own out there and I doubt the FTB have even considered your situation.

      I am keeping positive for you and am sure you will be flying out beginning Sept - you can't cope with the inlaws longer than that.

      KEEP SMILING!!!!!!!!!!


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      Angela hun I really feel for you - can only hope that this week brings you some good news so you can move along with your plans Really looking forward to you getting here so we can meet up for that coffee ( or wine or three ).

      Keep smiling and it will fall into place - have everything crossed so tight for you I am nearly blue!!!

      Chat soon

      Lisa x

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      Hi Angela,

      You must be soooo frustrated. So near yet so far. I'm sure it'll happen fo you though. This 1st time buyer sounds like they are just trying to delay their move to coincide with the end of their rental agreement. Can't see the point of that myself. If I was in their shoes I would have liked an over lap. That way they can get in and decorate an empty house and move their stuff in over time. Much better than one mad rush moving in then decorating around bits and bobs.
      I guess the biggest worry is losing much needed deposits on the flights. Lets hope Ashley can come up trumps on that score.
      Keep us updated as soon as you know something. You will be cracking open the bubbly stuff soon I'm sure.;)


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      ralph n bev
      It 's so frustrating for you Angela,
      your so near now though , just that last hurdle to get over!!
      Hope you get some good news in the next few days, keeping everything crossed for you.

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      EEEEEE, Angela. I feel so fustrated for you.

      House selling is bad enough at the best of times, but when you need to make plans to go to Australia, well just another stress.

      Were keeping fingers, toes and whatever else crossed for you.


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