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      adelaide is alittle behind the times but belive me you get used to it, we have been here 4 weeks now and we are loving it:yesxmas:
      it is a shock when you get here but really it does grow on you, its not that bad! they sell everything over here that the do in the uk you dont have to go hunting for it or anything like that.
      i just wanna say its great so far


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      melissa and darren
      Oh and if you walked down the shops you will see ipods for sale.

      Don't lie, i bet they've only just got Sony walkman casette players.:laughxmas:

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      Start a poll on each forum relating to your initial question and see what responses you get. I guarantee that people will 'protect their own' and slate the other place. Keep a level head and take constructive criticism.

      Brisbane may have the weather... but Adelaide has the beaches!

      A simple 'Advantages & Disadvantages' chart like you used to use in school should help you on the way to deciding.

      Good luck with whatever you decide.


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