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      Have to say that I would never buy a puppy from anywhere, other than directly from the breeder..... If you can't see where the dog came from, how could you know what you are buying?

      It's banned in the UK for good reason IMHO.:frownxmas:

      Temperament and health are directly related to the mother, the father and the environment in which she and the pups have been kept. Viewing in a perspex box in a shop cannot give you an idea of health of these poor animals.

      Good advice is to buy from a breeder, make sure that you see the mother at least, the father as well if that can be arranged. Buy WITH pet insurance, (I have to say that I'm unsure about the availability of this, but all my pups were sold with 6 weeks pet insurance, which incidentally cost me NOTHING) and make sure that the puppy is AT LEAST 8 weeks old and have had their first lot of injections when you take it home, that way you make sure that you're doing all the right things.

      Take into consideration that Rotties, Doberman's and black and tan dogs in general are more susceptable to parvo than most other breeds. Bleach is the only thing that kills the virus...

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      We have pet plan insurance - $320 a year for $8000 worth of cover.
      To anyone out there considering a dog - please visit the animal welfare league in Wingfield first - cracking dogs and cats waiting for a good home.

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      Have to agree buying a dog from a pet shop is a no no we have just bought our dog from a breeder so we have history on the dog especially as we have kids you can't be too carefull


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