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      Can you recommend..?

      Our pool is currently out of action and needs the sand changed in the filter or some such job. We rent our place and they have sent a bunch of jokers out who have come twice now to confirm what we knew was wrong, without actually attempting to fix it!!:realmadxmas:

      Anyway this pool company can't come back until 29th Dec, so wondered if anyone knows of someone (maybe someone with own business) who might be able to come sooner. We have rellies coming so want pool up and running.

      In a similar vein do you know of someone who could sort out our TV aerial? Whoever the rental company are using is not answering his phone so can't even get anyone to come. Grrrr:realmadxmas:

      No TV for three weeks (although am amazed at how little we are all missing it!) and no pool and they put the rent up a couple of months ago!!

      Would prefer someone reliable to get the business.

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      motleyman ( colin ) has his own pool franchise.


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