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      A Case of the Wobbles

      God knows whats rocked me, but Im wondering whether moving to Auz is the right thing. I have always been the most positive one, but now starting to look at things in a more sentimental light. I.e. When youngest child went to Nursery today two of the kids ran up to her and gave her a hug. Ahhhh. Other things like appreciating the things we take for granted. Im sure this is a case of nerves, hoping other have had similar feelings and can reassure me. Please.

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      Know exactly how you feel, reguarly get the jitters and wonder if we're doing the right thing for the kids. Removing from their nanny, taking from few friends they have made. Andrew has hia first girlfriend at preschool and they are set to start school together in jan.

      So yes, the wobbles definately set in from time to time, but then i tend to convince myself again that although it will be tough, worthwhile in the lng run. Hang in there, once you get that stamp i'm sure it will all be okay. I'm sure the waiting is just making the jitters worse.

      Take care:)


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      You've probably got those holiday blues - keep smiling - you'll be fine!!!

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      Wink hope this helps!

      hi I am sure we all feel a bit (or a lot!) nervous, i don't think it would be natural to feel confident about it every day - i wake up feeling sick at the thought since selling our house!
      but i try to put it into context like this-
      i felt the same the first time i took out a mortgage (12 years ago!)
      I felt the same when i got married (still not sure i did the right thing hahaha!)
      I felt the same when i have my first child (can I really do this?????????)
      all i am getting at is we have all thought & had second thoughts but, just like having kids ; we felt sick, nervous & had many a sleepless nights & from it we learned to be confident - even when things don't go to plan!
      my advice have a glass of wine (to calm the nervous) & then think of 5 reasons you want to go & 5 things you wont miss.
      I hope this helps you!

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      It is normal to have doubts and jitters - we did on a regular basis :D

      If it makes you feel better we are glad we have made this move and we now feel like we are 'home'

      Dawn is thriving here - she has a great Kindy she loves, lovely friends and even goes off to help look after chickens at kindy :D She has a trip in a couple of weeks to an Aboriginal centre which she is looking forward too a lot. Although is it cool here at the mo and raining on and off she has been outdoors playing more here than she did in the summer in the uk. Older kids are more tolerant here of little ones too and will happily play along with them :o

      For us - people are so friendly here. We have met some fantastic people both from uk and Aussies that have made us feel welcome and settled. There is so much to see and do and there are some really beautiful areas to go and see. The sky really is huge and even on a cloudy day you will see some blue sky and a bit of sun at some point.

      For families there is lots to do and this weekend we are off to a wine festival at mclaren vale which has entertainment laid on for families and lots of nice food and wine.

      It is so hard when you are in the uk looking forward to the huge step you are going to take but once you have taken it and get to this side it is worth while. We find even keeping in touch with those in the uk is easy with msn and phone cards you can pick up. We have just paid $30 for 5500 mins of calls to the uk which is much cheaper than it used to cost us to call people from the uk!!!!!


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      Basically it is part of the normal process, I'd worry if you did not get the jitters.

      We look at things here now in a different light.
      Our values have changed .

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      Thanks for everyones response. Pleased to say its not just me then who has these nerves. This morning things looking a little brighter. Well almost (it is 6.20am and Im on here thanks to early wake up call from Daughter).

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      I am also the positive one! We have only five weeks to go and I can't really believe it is happening. I woke up last week with butterflies - thinking can we really do this??? But it has passed.

      Tyke is quite right - it is normal to have these feeling and it's your internal sense check!

      I just keep imaging everyday how great it's going to be when we get there.

      I know I will have to make an extra special effort to keep in touch and keep people connected with our lives but I can't wait for the adventure to really begin.

      I think this forum is a great way to feel connected and to prepare for what's coming up!

      My job in the UK is to help people through all sorts of change. One great tool I have found helpful is to imagine what it's going to be like? What will you hear, see, feel and think? Where will you be and what will you be thinking? Who will be with you?

      Another useful thing to do is to ask yourself what is the benefit of having the wobbles? What am I trying to tell myself?

      I attach below a great tool which will help you sense check your plans and also to consider what some of the losses might be? You then think about how you can incorporate those losses into the change you are trying to make. This is a lovely exercise to do with a friend or partner and a glass of wine!

      Hope this helps


      Well Formed Outcomes

      The Well Formed Outcome helps you to explore a change or a decision you want to make.

      What is your goal? What do really want? What would happen if you didnít achieve your goal? What would happen if you did?

      Make a mental picture of your goal. What does it Iook like, sound like, feel like? What would you be doing? How will you know when you have achieved it?[/font]

      Youíre on the starting grid. What do you need to do to make this happen? Whatís the first action? How do you keep motoring?[/font]

      How does this fit in with what everyone around you wants? How can you collaborate with others? Who else needs to know and be involved?

      In what context? When do you want it to happen? When donít you want it to happen? Where and with whom?

      What are the positive by products? What would you lose if you achieve your goal? How can you build these losses into your goal? If you stay as you are, how would you benefit?

      What resources do you need? Money, time, emotional, intellectual .Is the goal ecological?

      Is it worth it? What are the consequences of achieving it? Whatís the effect on others?

      What could be the first step? What is the first step? When will you take it?

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      Glad you've stopped wobbling Jools. I guess everyone goes through the ' am I doing the right thing? ' thing. Deep down you know you are.;)


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      Oh Jools.....I'm so glad you started that thread! We are nowhere near going to Oz (early 2008) but I find myself looking at what we've got - and it's actually not that bad!! The fact is, we can't go on like this forever as a family. Every year we will be borrowing more money to exist where we are :(.

      Don't know about you, but I am looking at everything negatively here to help me sway, but in reality I couldn't be happier at the mo! We just can't afford the future here and the kids need more (other than an ASBO) to look forward to (sorry muppetbro).

      You've always been so up-beat on this forum and you make my hubby laugh - can't wait to meet you! To cut a long story short, I feel EXACTLY the same as you. I've been told to remember why we started this process in the first place - if everything was ok here, you wouldn't be doing this.....now you're getting somewhere and actually doing something about it - you should be proud as a family that you're doing this, you never know until you've tried! We will regret not doing this for US more. Jac x


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