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      The Wise Family

      Wanted Down Under - Series 3

      Hi everyone.

      Dont know if you all know but the third series of "Wanted down under" starts on 5th january. The first one on monday is a policeman from leicester wanting to move to adelaide. There is 20 episodes altogether so even if it doesn't tell the real story about emigrating, at least you get to see australia on the telly. Just thought I would let you know. All I need to do now is hide my ip address!

      Been here 3 months now and love it. Good luck to all still waiting, its worth it in the end. Happy new year to you all.

      Gina x

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      Thanks for the heads up...

      Just put it in the planner on the freeview +

      Going to record the whole series.

      Cheers Rob

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      The Pottertons
      So strange, just asked myself this morning- wonder when the new series will be?!!!!! Thanks for that. I am from leicester and hoping to move to Adelaide- its not me though sadly!!! x


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