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      Happy New Year and thank You


      Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone on PIA a wonderful new year. If you're already on the other side, hope everything is going well for you and if you're still this end, don't give up, it does happen eventually, and this you'll be in utter shock for ages!!

      Also wanted to say a big thank you to all the site, everyone has been so helpful and supportive ovr the last couple of years. Its been wonderful to have somewhere to touch base when things are getting too much or you just need someone to chat to, even though we don't get a chance to log in much these days. Hope that we will be abl to give help once we arrive on the other side, and finally meet some of the people we have been chatting with.

      Happy New Year


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      Happy New Year and have a fantastic time in Auss,Im sure you will love the place.


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