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      Greg and Karen
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      its been 4 days now and im still freaked out by it. A very kind pia poster has gave me the name of a company who will spray your house and it lasts 12 months going to ring em and see if they can do the car too lol
      Hi Clare
      Can you give me the name of this company? I'm loving Adelaide but we had a huntsman in our tiny backyard the other day, completely freaked me out and I can't stop thinking about it. It's the only thing that makes me want to return to the UK!

      Also had a couple of cockroaches in the house this week, yeuch. Maybe this company can sort those out too cos I can't sleep for worrying about what they're up to while me and my children are in our beds! Am seriously thinking of hypnotism, if anyone can recommend a therapist please let me know, seems a bit crazy to return to the UK just because of the critters when everything else here is so nice....

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      Nah, it's not too bad really. I did however bring the junk mail in from the mailbox a few months ago and unwittingly brought one of them in. I settled down to have a look at the Cheap as Chips catalogue and a huge huntsman fell out onto my dining table! I Morteined it and hit it with a shoe a few thousand times until I could be sure it was deceased! Needless to say, the next thing I Morteined was the mailbox!

      So funny! The same thing happened to me when we were living in Adelaide. OH was at work and I went to empty the mailbox, and there plopped right on top of the letters (with all his legs spread out like he was guarding them) was a huntsman! And there he stayed till hubby came in!
      Now we are in the UK and I keep telling him our UK spiders are nice little critters, but whenever he comes across one he jumps back a mile before pulverising the poor thing and saying "only good spider is a dead one!"..he wont take the chance on it biting him...says it might be a migrant! :D


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