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    Thread: We have moved

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      We have moved

      Hi all,

      What a hectic couple of weeks! Moved into our rental at the beginning of the month and have been busily settling in, rather weird not being a home owner any more. Only got a phone line back today and stuck with dial up for another ten days so looking through the last couple of weeks posts could take a while:o.

      See you,

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      Hi ya Jen

      Glad you're all in....we moved into rented in Jan....it took us ages to get broadband and we had to get a telephone point in as well...it was a nightmare!

      When we first moved in, it was a real novelty being in a much smaller property, and it felt liberating, not having to worry about co-ordinating cushions and such other items!!...however, as the months go on, its really starting to grate on us...no space, no garden, no dishwasher -

      One good thing about being in rented is...when you get those nuisance phone callers offering free kitchens etc....as soon as you say you're renting, they dont want to know!!

      Hope all continues well - see you on the 23rd

      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Hi Jen

      Must be hectic settling in with the kids - all that horrible packing and unpacking! Did you have a good chuck out? I am rubbish at decluttering - just sit and stare at it while drinking coffee and munching biccies! Hope the kids settle well - see you soon

      Cari :)x

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      Good luck in the rented house - can't wait to be at that stage - it'll mean we are close to going - hopefully!!!

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      Thanks all,

      Actually the rental is much nicer than our old house with double the amount of garden, I'll be sad to leave it . I thought I'd done a good job of decluttering but still seem to have soooo much stuff. I'm very glad the professionals (I hope!) will be doing all the packing and unpacking next time.

      See you all soon,


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      Good luck in the rental :D We also moved into a rental last year in the UK while applying for the visa and found the reference we got was a great help when we applied for a rental over here :p



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