Hi I'm not even there yet and I go through every conceivable emotion daily. I have the advantage of being to Oz twice. Once up the East coast which we weren't that impressed with, so we went again, to Adelaide, because at the time of my research that was the most affordable city in terms of house prices. I think that one very major consideration for us will be the cost of living. I want to live in the Glenelg/Brighton areas. I was on Brighton Beach and called to find out the price of an apartment, it was 1.8 million dollars argh!!! Think i'll have to re-think my living accommodation! We haven't sold our house so we will be renting it out and renting a property there. I've been watching 'Wanted Down Under' for the past 2 weeks. Not one person has decided to go because 'nobody' can afford it and everybody is shocked at how expensive the houses are. You can watch them again on (BBCiplayer) I believe that if enough research is done and you are fully aware of most of the pit falls then that just leaves trying to settle yourself and the children in. "I think everybody needs to ask themselves what it is they want and expect from their new life". Us, we want a fantastic future for our girls and opportunity. My girls loved it and my husband wants to give it a go as I do but i'm the researcher. Nothing is forever I say and If things don't work out you can always come back. I moved to the Isle of Wight from London 7 years ago and I have never settled here. Not very far I hear you say but when it costs you 80-100 to get accross the water with yr car every time, it is far. I felt more at home in Adelaide, even my girls said they felt at home. Beach life/weather is a bonus but not our reasons for going. We visited the schools and had tours which the girls loved. We are constantly researching the work market for Mark who is a Carpenter and because of the nature of his work probably won't secure a job until he gets there. We hope to be there by April/May time. We'll miss the Summer but we don't mind. It will be what it will be and we'll deal with it as it comes along. Life is full of surprises, in the UK and Oz. A day at a time I say, and that will be my ethos. Good luck to those that are going and those that are there, every day is a different day!