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    Thread: Lucky Escape!!

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      Lucky Escape!!

      I've just been watching the news this morning and wow, what a lucky escape the passengers had on the New York flight!

      Well done to the pilot for quick thinking and landing the plane safely. I'm so relieved everyone survived. !!!Thank God!!!:)

      If I was one of them I'd be buying a lottery ticket right now! :)

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      Yes we agree, God was looking after them lot !! you do not expect to survive a plane crash do you ?? It certainaly was their lucky day

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      My greates fear ( to date )..a plane crash and drowning ( coz I cant swim). It wasnt suprising that what happened in New York is so scarry to me. Im so thankful all the passengers are alive and a big Thank you to the pilot. The news portal i read stated that he went round the plane twice to ensure no one was left behind...


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