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    Thread: Done it!!!

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      Talking Done it!!!

      Hi Guys

      After a few frustrating weeks I have finally sent our Visa application off. What a relief.
      After making a meal out of getting passport photos (every machine I went to was not in order) and having to pay 54.00 for birth cerificates Im pleased to see the back of it.

      Our agent called last Monday I thnk she thought we had changed our minds, just after the TRA I couldnt get motivated.

      So now I can breath and relax till the next step. Good luck to everyone else who is almost sending their paper work off.

      Best Wishes

      Kimberley x:D

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      Good luck Kimberley, were just starting to put ours together too ;)

      Lee,Shell, Alicia & Grace

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      All the best guy's, ;) we're just behind you too so may have to ask a few questions soon i guess this is the long bit.! might as well start opening the wine again , i find it helps pass the time...!...infact by the time this process is over we're gonna be a couple of alkis..! :D

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      Our visa application is ready to go back to the agent tomorrow for her to sign and then post to Australia.:D

      It also took us a while to get into the visa form, after lodging TRA we went abroad for a week and I have only just got out of the holiday mode!! :(

      It is a relief tonight though that it is all in the envelope ready for posting. We'll be there to encourage and keep each other going through the long...long....long....long wait!

      Good Luck:D

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      Best of luck with the visa application ;)


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      Good luck with the next stage



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