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      Question ??? Hillbank ???

      A friend of a friend of ours lives in Hillbank. She reckons its a lovely area with great schools. We have looked on the internet and it does seem really nice - just concerns us that it is next to Elizabeth - for which we have not heard anything nice. Not slating Elizabeth and don;t want to offend anybody living there but we have only heard negative comments on the area.

      Has anyone any idea what Hillbank is like as a suburb? Is Elizabeth Ok?

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      Every suburb has its good and bad points and some great suburbs are next to some that has a really bad rep. Have not heard anuything good about Elizabeth but not actually been there myself. Have heard nothing on Hillbank either way

      When you get out here it is a good idea to go round the suburbs to have a look as what others may not like you may love - chalk and cheese and all that :D Good idea to pop back any you like in an evening too for a 'different' view :D



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