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If there are 2500 employees here in Adelaide I very much doubt you'll be the only Pom - there will probably be Italians, Greeks, South Africans and several other nationalities as well! You'll be fine, congratulations on getting the job, just keep your sense of humour and remember, the aussies tend to call a spade a spade so don't take offense at any Pom comments, once they start teasing you about that you'll know you've been accepted!
I reckon we'll have the usual 'introduce yourself' session on the first day and I know we're gonna have some 'workshops' that will help those who haven't got any 'call centre' experience <Cringe!>

Ya know the ones...roleplay et al helps with active listening, problem solving etc. I'm not the biggest fan of those BUT I know they help and I guess they could be good icebreakers to.

In the meet and greet if I refer to myself as a POM (you know to break the ice somewhat) would they think I was trying to hard or do you reckon they will think I'm taking the piss?