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      cunnah10 is not ignoring you all..mailbox keeps getting full

      Thank you so much for all your messages...i am struggling to keep up with them all...as quick as i am emptying my inbox it is getting full again(i'm really sorry)
      I WILL READ EACH AND EVERYONE and reply as soon as possible.
      I have a lot of you guys all after the same items so it is really difficult!
      So please bare with me...may not be today BUT i wil get back to you!
      It is hard for me to keep emptying my inbox on PIA at the moment so please contact me direct gillcunnah@hotmail.co.uk

      Emotions all over the place at the moment as you can appreciate..so bare with me!


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      I'm sure you have enough on your plate at the minute and I'm sure everyone on here understands that.
      Good luck with everything


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