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      House sold, 4 weeks left in the uk.....

      We have finally sold our house and exchanged contracts {kept it quite so we did not tempt faith** we shall be in Adelaide in 4 weeks time, feels so real and no longer a dream. The Family buying our house is from Adelaide so it must be destiny, only took 5 weeks for it all to go through.

      I have a couple of questions:-

      Do I validate my visa by post or can we do it at the airport.

      What is the weather like in April {my wife keeps asking**.,

      Many thanks,

      Andrew, Zoe, Adam & Alex
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      you dont have to do anything special to validate your visa, the moment you pass through immigration at the airport and ya passport is stamped thats ya visa validated:)presuming you are on a perm visa, cos im not sure about rules on temp visas

      weather can still be nice in april some warm days some not so warm days

      we landed last april and after coming from a uk winter if felt pretty nice:)

      pack a jacket or a jumper or two tho cos it can get quite cold at nite

      early april last year they had a few days where it was really hot so you can still get nice weather, but be prepared for it getting cold soon after, it will be coming upto winter, tho winter here didnt seem too bad compared to uk, this winter im dreading tho now ive got used to the warm weather :D

      Have a safe journey in april and hope the next few weeks fly by for you

      Dawn x
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